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Bright people,

bright future

The Kumara Story

Kumara University

At Kumara University interdisciplinary teams of students develop new ideas to address the many sustainability challenges of our times. All our courses focus on the theme of ‘thriving people & living environment’. We are strongly focused on practical application. Therefore we work closely together with the government and the business community to create projects with high impact.


Our researchers are active around the globe, and our university hosts students from over 80 countries. Both the research and education of Kumara University are highly acclaimed. Student satisfaction puts the University in the top 4 in Oceania. Furthermore, our top quality research is frequently cited in academic and scientific publications.

Kumara University also offers a renowned MBA programme that helps professionals worldwide to thrive in today's demanding business environment.


Education & Programmes


MBA program on Business Sustainability Management

​Summer School for Executives & Professionals


Diverse undergraduate & graduate programs focused on natural & social sciences

State of the art facilities at Kumara Campus


•    Energy

•    Mobility

•    Agrotechnology

•    Architecture

•    Management


“Bright people make a bright future”

Beau Wright, Director of Kumara University

Collaboration & Value Creation

Research results only create value when they are applied within society. That is why Kumara University  collaborates closely with businesses & local inhabitants to make sure that we can contribute to real world well-being.


The Kumara way of adding value:

  • Open: We don’t think in borders or boundaries. Our facilities are openly available to everyone. When we design solutions we think of global context.

  • Cooperative: We believe that social & natural sciences are both needed for deep, future-resilient inventions. Everyone can have a brilliant idea. It’s in our DNA to help these ideas flourish.


Do you resonate with our mission?
Reach out. Let’s invent the future, together.

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“My perspective completely shifted” 

Livia Porter, CEO of Techomy

University auditorium

The auditorium of the main University building on the Kumara campus was built in 2019. Architect is the Malemo-born Ailani Kane.

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