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Eco-tourism to a

self-sustaining island

Kumara tourism

Kumara tourism

Led by island native Tina Tupu, the mission of Kumara Tourism is to share Kumara’s innovations with Malemo and the rest of the world.

Everything that guests experience at our ecofriendly resorts on Malemo is either locally produced or compensated for - from the organic ingredients of their meals grown in our ocean farms, to the circular textiles on their beds.

During their stay guests not only can enjoy the gorgeous ocean views from our floating houses, they can also actively discover our innovations on the islands. This makes Malemo a unique destination for curious and conscious travellers.


•    Kumara Campus: sustainable accomodation for our students.

•    Kumara Village: sustainable tiny houses, on three locations on the island.

•    Kumara Pida: sustainable apartments for our long-stay visitors & collaborators.

•    Kumara Experience: “Knowledge travels” with guided tours of innovations in action.​


Do you resonate with our vision?

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“A must-see for every eco-tourist”

Oana Mahelona, Author of ‘Discovering the Pacific’

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