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Think big, act small

Kumara Labs

Kumara Labs

Led by Charlie Riegel, founder of the nr. 1 Tech Incubator in Europe, the mission of Kumara Labs is to create now what the world needs next. Knowledge and ideas from the University are developed into pragmatic prototypes at Kumara Labs. These prototypes are then built and tested on the islands and sold to interested parties. A good example of this is our floating house prototype, which was acquired by a multinational and has resulted in a low-cost prefab concept that is currently housing millions of people in Bangladesh that face flash flooding.

The reuse of products and reclaiming of natural resources is of great significance for ourselves and for the planet on which we live. If we want to move forward towards a sustainable future we need inventions in every domain of society. Kumara Labs is turning ideas into reality, contributing to a circular, biobased economy. We’re engineering the future of food, housing, energy, mobility & lifestyle.

Product Development & Consultancy

From development to testing, it all happens right here on the Malemo islands.

World class engineers and scientists work on the products and services of tomorrow.

Extensive collaboration with businesses and individuals from all over the world.


Do you resonate with our vision? Reach out.

Let's invent the future, together.

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“Circular breaks the vicious circle

Ariana Manaaki, Founder of Kumara

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