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At Kumara we create eco-friendly innovations for people and the planet. We believe that islands provide the ideal environment for rapid innovation. That is why we partnered with the Malemo Islands. Here our ideas can prove themselves first, before they become a blueprint for the rest of the world. It is our ambition to turn Malemo into a fully profitable circular economy and we invite visitors & innovators to come see how we do it.

The Kumara story

As a child, Ariana Manaaki often witnessed plastic trash washing up on the shores of her beautiful island home in the Pacific Ocean. This way, she learned from an early age that the whole world is interconnected. She also saw that local island cultures understood this circular nature of the systems on our planet in a way that the rest of the world could learn from. It became her dream to share this particular wisdom and make this planet a better place for everybody.

After completing her studies and leading multiple successful Fortune 500 businesses, Ariana joined forces with like-minded partners to realize her vision. What brought her together with Joshua Bergen, Li Jun & Alex van Muyden was a shared passion for combining ideals with entrepreneurial ambition.

With its eco-innovations and the Malemo islands as its innovation laboratory, Kumara shows to the rest of the world that profit and sustainability can co-exist.


“Butterflies create hurricanes”

Ariana Manaaki, Founder of Kumara

Kumara video

Kumara brands


Lef by Beau Wright, Kumara University interdisciplinary teams of students develop new ideas to address the many sustainability challenges of our times.


Knowledge and ideas from the University are developed into pragmatic prototypes at Kumara Labs. The Labs also produce circular products & buildings as a supplier for Kumara Tourism.


The mission of Kumara Tourism is to inspire visitors from all over the world the real life experience of Malemo as a circular paradise.


Do you resonate with our mission?

Reach out. Let’s invent the future, together.

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